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Furniture and Mattress Retailer Insider Scoop

Furniture and mattress retail industry insider’s scoop: as told from somebody who has been in this industry for more than two decades.

[national chain in a barn]: prices marked ridiculously high on identical products found everywhere else for way less. A specific swivel accent chair, for example, is priced at $1499 at this store. They’re offering a 20% discount as part of a sale. However, the same chair sold here is only $399. But because of the brand name of the store, this chain is still able to dupe unwary shoppers into thinking the swivel accent chair commands a quadruple digit price tag.

[national chain with a store in Rocklin and Elk Grove]: beautiful showroom, but prices marked way higher than most independent stores everywhere. Offers a $59 delivery fee that is valid for an entire year. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Product prices are marked so high on identical products sold here that this chain store shouldn’t even be charging a delivery fee in the first place. This store also offers coupon savings throughout the year. Even with the coupon savings and whatever discounts they are offering, the final out the door price is still going to cost unwary shoppers way more money than purchasing at our everyday low prices. For example, a 7pc swivel counter dining set at our store is $799 everyday. At the national chain store, the $799 will get you only the table with 4 chairs (5pc set).

[national chain with stores in Folsom, Natomas, and Roseville]: loves to offer 25% to 50% off sales every single day, 365 days a year. That should make you wonder if the sale price is actually the regular price instead. With prices marked up double to triple the actual cost, it’s no wonder they have to run a discount sale everyday. Even with the discounts, their prices are still higher than most independent stores. Their $2799 sectional on sale at 50% off is still higher than our price of $1199 on the same identical sectional.

[local 4-store chain]: always has a 30% off sale and “no” sales tax sale. Just another typical gimmick. Should make shoppers wonder if the everyday discount of 30% just means the prices are marked up 30% to simply make shoppers feel like they’re getting a discount. Beautiful showrooms, no doubt, but dubious pricing games. Even with the 30% off and no additional sales tax, their prices are still significantly higher than our everyday low prices even with tax added on.

[relatively new retailer with a store in Roseville and in Del Paso Heights area]: claims to be purchasing excess inventory from national distributors. What they do not tell shoppers is the excess inventory is almost never from actual mattress manufacturers, but from closed down hotels and customer returns. Putting new mattress covers on used mattresses seems to be their business model. But hey, telling shoppers that they can save $1500 off a Stearns and Foster mattress sounds good, right?

Main takeaway: if prices are able to be discounted so much, you are getting the perception of a good deal instead of actually getting a good deal.